Proof of parents HK citizenship at time of birth dilema

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    Smile Proof of parents HK citizenship at time of birth dilema

    Forgot to make a return trip to HK within 36 months after 2001 and had lodge a new application for HK id.

    Previously I held a ROA HK ID card and HK immigration happily renewed me a RTL id.... but to have my ROA renewed I need to prove that one of my parents held Chinese/HK citizenship at time of my birth which of course they did.
    Unfortunately my mother no longer holds these records.

    Has anybody been through the same scenario and had to either back-track their parents travel history? or does anyone have any alternative suggestions to get hold of this information?

    mucho gracious

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    Firstly I've missed what the dilemma is here. Perhaps you mean problem?

    Secondly, the only difference between Right to Land and Right of Abode is that you get to vote with RoA (and you can't be deported after being released from jail for serious offences).

    Are you in fact try to prove that you are a Chinese citizen? (Presumably now a dual citizen with some other place?)

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    Those born in colonial-era Hong Kong were CUKCs or, from 1983-1997, BDTCs. In other words, British nationals. Perhaps you could write to the UK authorities whether they hold the relevant records of your mother's HK-British nationality at the time of your birth?

    I agree with PDLM though - RTL is practically as good as ROA for the purpose of entitlement to live and work in HK without restrictions. And after 7 years residence, you could apply to regain ROA status on that basis.

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    These are the only significant differences I can think of between RTL and ROA.

    1) Ineligible to vote
    2) Can be deported for committing serious crimes
    3) Ineligible to work for the HKSAR government
    4) This status cannot be passed down to your children even if they are born in Hong Kong
    5) If you own a business , you won't be eligible to apply for an APEC Travel card under Hong Kong