Hi folks-

I am a H1B holder in US and work for an US employer. I am into SAP consulting thru my employer and work for their client who are based in Hong Kong. I had applied for the work permit in hong kong.

Now I have a question regarding taxes. I am not paid in Hong Kong by the client but my employer in US will be invoicing it to the clients headquarters in london.So no way the office in Hong Kong is directly paying me. And my employer runs my payroll in US and I pay the US taxes as usual as if I am in US. Now should I pay any taxes in Hong Kong ? And if so on what basis they will track that income ? In my application for the visa I had quoted I will be receiving the same gross salary that I used to receive from my employer and expenes are taken care as well while in Hong Kong.

Should my employer pay any taxes as they are assigning me a job in Hong Kong ? If yes whether it should be only on the income that I receive(ie my annual gross salary) ?

I will be here in HKG for about 8 months until next Feb ?

P.S: I dont have any bank accounts here in HKG?

Karunamurthy Dayalan.