My fiance and I, both Canadian, will be getting married in spring 2014. After the wedding we are looking to make Hong Kong our home and start our lives together. We are familiar which forms are needed to fill but after reading the forums we realize extra supporting documentations are required such as the wedding license, cert, photos of us etc. My fiancé has a HKID but she has never worked in Hong Kong before. We are health professionals and have been licensed to practice in Hong Kong for the last 2 years however never done so.

Our questions:

1. I understand the spouse/sponsor needs to provide proof of good financial standing in order to show they can support the dependant. What will be required as my fiancé/sponsor has not worked in the country? Will income statements/pay slips from Canada be required? How many months worth?

2. We do not have a residence contract yet. We will most likely stay with the sponsor's family for a couple months. Is it a good idea to get a letter from them stating we have a place to live? Does this note need to be notarized?

3. Should we apply in Hong Kong or the Toronto, Canada Consulate? Where will it be faster?

4. What do you think our chances are of getting our dependants visa granted? I know this one you really can't answer but from previous experience/history what do you think?

If anyone can help us answer them that would be great. Thanks and happy holidays!