Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand

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    Quote Originally Posted by MovingIn07:
    I STRONGLY recommend you dont try and get at the airport in Vietnam. One of our party tried to do this, spent about 12 hours in the airport and another (influential vietnamese) member had to go and bail them out....
    I second this. It is easy to get a visa at the airport upon arrival in Cambodia and it can be done in Laos (but has may take longer). In Vietnam it is almost impossible, and you may have to fly out at your own expense. Thailand visa is no problem at the airport, but don't overstay.

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    (reposted my earlier post when logged back in?!?)

    Well since I'm typing again..... anyone young and fun on here or know someone of the like travelling out there over the next month?! lol

    Thanks tho for all the tips and info. Much appreciated!

    LegHK (or anyone else with an opinion) it sounds like u hav been to Laos as well as the others? Any advice on whether its best to do fewer countries and spend more time? Have heard Laos is less spoiled and Im not too fussed about spending lots of time in major cities.
    Id love to see the REAL countries, rural as well as cities. Love soaking up architecture and nature and happy to bus, train, bike or even hike to get around... tho I do like the odd beverage and party along the way!

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    If you like architecture then Siem Reap in the North of Cambodia is a must to visit angkor wat and other can be done in one day if you hire a driver (very cheap) but you will only get to see the main temples, which was enough for me...

    For the record I spent 4 days in Cambodia in January and managed to see and do everything i intended too (S21, Killing Fields, Shooting Range, Happy Pizza (lol) in Phnom Penh and Angor Wat in Siem Reap)

    Thailand is probably best done on a seperate visit as there are a shed loads of places to see that are worth going to and the travelling between them is not quick unless you fly.

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    Not been to Laos yet, but is highly recommended by friends.

    As Trebor says Thailand is a trip all on it's own. However, it is a great starting off point for a trek, particularly if you are on your own. Bangkok is cheap to fly to ( for cheap flights all round SE Asia) and Ko Sahn Road is full of backpackers, bars, restaurants and travel agents. Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai in the north are good stopping off points for a trek into the jungle, ride elephants, bamboo rafting and stay with the hill-tribes. From there, you can travel overland into Laos (I have not done this).

    I would add Tonle Sap lake -the largest in SE Asia-to Trebors list for things to do in Cambodia if you make it there. A trip can be done in half a day from Siem Reap, or can get a boat across it from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.
    Bangkok/Chiang Mai and Siem Reap are all good nights out.

    Sadly, I cannot join you on the tour as heading into China for a trek and am not young either

    PM me if you want any more specific advice on Thailand or Siem Reap.

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    I currently have a 3 month multiple entry visa for vietnam, it was not difficult to get.
    "international airports" is a valid entry point.
    and I think for a multiple entry visa, you can enter pretty much whereever.
    expect more scruitiny at a road crossing, of course.

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    Thanks Octarine. Yeah read in guidebooks that the Vnam visa system changed a good few yrs back so dont know what guy on other thread was talking about.

    To share bit of info: Found Tiglion travel very good to book with. Their websites look a bit poo ( & but seem to find cheap airfares that zuji, lastminute, ebooker, opodo etc etc dont. Booking system is a bit clumsy thru wsite but call them or drop by and its very good (small office at 160 Lockhart Rd, Wanchai) and the girls were very helpful, friendly and efficient.

    Got return flights to BKK for 2.5 weeks, $2090 which aint bad for leaving tomorrow!

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    Samquade - have you been yet?! We are planning on doing the same trip (but not thailand) in Feb 09 and would love any advice you have!

    We are looking at Vietnam visas at the moment - with single entry or multiple. 2 separate single entries looks much cheaper, has anyone tried to get a visa for Vietnam whilst in Cambodia/Laos?
    We can't seem to find any definitive on pricing for Vietnam either, websites all vary. Even the HK consulate one says US$35 which is HK$270 yet they charge HK$300 - also we have seen on some sites multiple entry visas for 3 monhts only but the consulate website doesn't list these?!

    Any advice greatly appreciated!!

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