Chinese Visa with HK Permanent ID?

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    Chinese Visa with HK Permanent ID?

    My 1 year multi-entry visa is expiring at the end of August. I don't live in Hong Kong but I have a Permanent ID card (3 stars) and a US passport. Someone told me that long term visas are easier to get if applied with a Permanent HKID and Passport, how true is this?

    And if I applied for a multiple entry Chinese visa, any idea how long I'd be able to stay? My current visa lets me stay for up to 90 days at a time but with the Olympics, I doubt I'd be able to get such a generous length of stay. My mom is a HK resident who has bought a house in Beijing so I spend quite a bit of time there.

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    Are you a Chinese citizen? (That's usually what the *** mean from what I find)

    If so, then you can apply for the "Home Return Permit" (although you may need to get a HKSAR passport first from what I read) to go to China.

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    My mom's from Hong Kong so through her I was able to get a HKID card with 3 stars. My dad's from america and I wasn't born in HK either.

    I have a BNO and a few years ago my mom looked into getting me a "return home card" but supposedly since my father's not chinese, I am not considered "ethnically chinese" even though I've spent most my life here. If my father was chinese and my mother was american, I would have been allowed! Seems silly but nothing I can do to change it.

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