Calls to UK and visa info

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    Calls to UK and visa info

    Hi all,

    Well my Husband and I will be moving over to Hong Kong Once visa’s are sorted etc. Could anyone advise on how long this would generally take and also whom the best phone company is for calls to UK.



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    4-6 weeks for a new employment visa normally.

    Phone calls to the UK are very cheap whoever you buy them from so unless you are going to make a HUGE number I would just go with PCCW's 0060 service (this is who you will almost certainly get your phone line from). They almost always have promo rates on - for as long as I can remember I have been paying less than HK$0.2/min to the UK 24hrs per day, so the price of a single beer in Lan Kwai Fong will get you over 4 hours of calls to the UK.