Foreigner job hunting in HK

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    Foreigner job hunting in HK

    Just would like to see if there is anyone could help with my bf in the infos about getting a job in hk so to get work permit to stay

    My bf is from Isreal and we have looked up for jobs in HK on internet but due to no work permit/ visa for him yet , companies usually replies that they need to hire someone with permit to stay in HK initially. he has worked in philippines for 7 years in recruiting field. He speaks fluent filippino, english, hebrew (his mother tongue) but not chinese/cantonese.

    I'm still looking around for him and we're really tired since we have tried for a long time.But We're not giving up. so hopefully we could have some good news from you guys.Fingers crosssssssssss

    Thanks loooooooads@@@@@@@@

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    Hi I may not be much help but obviously the first step is the CV - make sure it's up to speed. Then I would suggest looking for a job in the recruitment sector as that 's where he has experiance - I don't know where or with whom. Perhaps is tagalog would be useful for a maid recruitment agency but I have no idea.

    Good luck

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    From what I understand, the work permit in itself shouldn't be the problem. The work permit only takes a couple of weeks to process - mine was done in two weeks.
    However, for a work permit, the company needs to show that they cannot find any suitable local candidates. That is what makes it dificult for foreigners to find a job. Your bf needs to find an angle where his specific skills have some or another advantage over most local employment seekers.

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    my wife, holding an Australian passport, speaks good Mandarin,Cantonese and English, and she was physically in Hong Kong with me for job hunting. she had interviews and no one would like to apply her for a working visa. so forget about it.