After landing with working visa, how soon can I leave HK ?

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    After landing with working visa, how soon can I leave HK ?

    Thanks for previous discussions, I did learn a lot from it.

    I am applying for working visa now and planning my relocation, just wanna know when I actual land HK, do I need to get HKID card ( takes 10 working days) before I leave HK for just a few days? Or once I get my visa stamped, it will automatically give me the multiple entry right ( by working visa) ?

    thanks for any advise...

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    it depends if you already have your visa before your arrive, then you will be able to enter on this visa and have the right to multiple entry for the duration of the working visa. If however you don't have the visa prior to arriving, then you will have to enter as a tourist. once you collect your visa you then have to re-enter Hong Kong in order to validate it...I'm not sure of the timescale, I suspect that technically you should activate it prior to starting work..although my last visa I didn't activate until 6 weeks after receiving it.

    You should apply for HKID as soon as you have your Visa - they will give you a temporary ID prior to issuing the card.

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