Former HK Resident Wants to Return - Husband Has US Criminal Record, Can We?

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    Exclamation Former HK Resident Wants to Return - Husband Has US Criminal Record, Can We?

    I was born in the UK and we returned to HK while I was very young (a few months). My parents were already residents of HK.

    Most of my education was in HK and I held a HKIDC.

    Emigrated to Canada prior to 1997 with my family. (I now hold UK and Canadian citizenship.)

    My husband is American (US citizen) and we reside in the US.

    I would like to move back to HK and operate our business from HK (we own our own company).

    While I understand that having left HK prior to '97 has caused my ID card to be invalid, will I be able to return to HK and get right of abode... or permanent residency there? How difficult is it to obtain this?

    With my husbands criminal record (arrest and conviction was over 10 years ago), will he be admitted entry to HK, as a visitor AND to apply for permanent residency?

    What sorts of background check/questions are asked.

    How difficult is it to create a company in HK and return to HK on 3-6 month increments to oversee the operations?

    All help is incredibly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Have you had a look on the HK immigration website? That would be a good probably has all the answers to your questions

    The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region - Immigration Department

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    Being a former Hong Kong resident, you'll definitely be able to retain some form of permanent residency - either through right of abode or right to land. You can sponsor your husband for a dependant visa but I'm not sure if having a previous criminal record will affect his application.

    As mentioned above, I would check the website or just contact the immd if you can.