transform dependant visa into working visa?

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    Arrow transform dependant visa into working visa?

    I'm emplyed in HK since 5 years and my wife just received an offer to start working in HK as ostheopath (a kind of chiropractor).
    She will not be an employee of the clinic but a kind of consultant and she will receive directly payment from her client.
    She receives from the clinic a sponsor letter

    We would like to know what is process and advise to obtain the working visa?
    - Which form?
    - which document to provide in support of the request?
    - Diploma's translated into english or not (we are german) ?
    - what to say in the letter to the immigration Dept?

    Many Thanks in advance

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    The clinic will be responsable to apply for the work visa better contact Emigra about the details. You definitely have to get translations for the diplomas. I had to bring the original (and leave a copy) and a translation. I made the translation myself and got it authorised by the German Consulate.