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Immigration: Registration of Persons Tribunal - Wan Chai

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    Quote Originally Posted by dossier:
    Sorry for the delay.

    I let the ROPT Determination stand and the 90 day window to take it to the CFI lapse.

    Subsequently I obtained non-Chinese ROA through the 7 years continuously ordinarily resident route, for an HKPIC.

    I have now applied for an HKSAR Passport in order to be rejected so that I can take this to the HKSAR Passport Appeals Board (I am aware the success rate in the HKSAR Passport Appeals Board is 0% so far across all cases)

    The ROPT sidestepped the 2009 Notice and basically ignored / avoided it. I was not particularly impressed, unsurprisingly. Especially as they took 30 months to work on their final decision.
    Congrats on the ROA and good luck w/ the Passport appeals board! Disappointing to hear that ROPT avoided 2009 esp. since there has been precedence for ROPT to overturn ImmD's decision based on it.
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    In the end, I never bothered with the HKSAR Passport process as I was politely disuaded by the HKSAR Passport section in taking it further back in 2021. However, the option remains to re-open this in future by trying to apply for an HKSAR Passport (and being rejected; hence through to the HKSAR Passport Appeals board).

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    I just read some of these laws in chinese. settled means decided for residency in foreign country. and Hong Kong nationality is based on Hong Kong bloodlines. Completely different from what they define as ancestry. There is no 1v1 translation of chinese. including bno as some kind of common wealth passport. not calling it a british passport but common wealth in chinese.

    Im appealing as well

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