Work and internship visa

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    Work and internship visa

    Hi everybody,

    I am quite confused about my possibilities for this summer. I am studying towards a degree in Beijing, but currently on exchange researching in Hong Kong with a one year working visa that ends in May.
    I would like to find an internship to gain some experience and stay until September. The question is, what visa should I apply for. A working or internship visa? As a mainland program student (European nationality) what would be easier to get internship visa or try to mask it as a short term job before my current contract finishes?

    Hope I have explained myself. Waiting for your ideas!

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    Guidance Notes on Working Holiday Scheme | Working Holiday Scheme | Hong Kong Visas | Public Services | Immigration Department

    are u from one of the countries in the link above and between the age of 18-30, then you should try getting the working holiday visa if that easier.