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Visa for freelance design work in/from Hong Kong?

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    Visa for freelance design work in/from Hong Kong?


    My boyfriend has been offfered a six month work contract from his UK based company (We are both British citizens) who are setting up a Hong Kong office. I would like to go with him and live there for six months. I am a graphic designer, I work full-time for a London publishers and have a few small freelance clients of my own.

    I am interested to know if I quit my full-time job and go to Hong Kong could I do freelance design work in Hong Kong? What type of visa would that require?

    Or if I go to Hong Kong for six month on a normal (non-working Visa) could I keep my existing UK freelance clients and work for them remotely.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Well, there's the technical answer, and the probably-real one

    Technically, you cannot live or work in Hong Kong - regardless of where your employer is based - without a work visa or similar.

    In practice... If you enter Hong Kong on a UK passport, you get to stay for 6 months as a non-resident. If you have reasonable answers to the obvious immigration questions ("Staying with my boyfriend, he covers our living costs" "Exploring Hong Kong", etc.), and if you don't look like you're trying to get every day out of that visitor visa - and you'd be mad not to do some travelling around Asia anyway... You'll almost certainly be fine, and nobody will care enough if you're doing some freelance work during the day while your boyfriend is doing his entirely-legal work.

    About the only visa you'd be likely to get which would let you legally live and work here as a freelancer for 6 months would be as a dependent - in other words, if you were married.

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    Thank you so much for your thorough and honest answer.