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Problems applying for Student Visa

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    Question Problems applying for Student Visa

    Hi everybody!

    I'm planning to study in Hong Kong from the end of August this year. I'm a little worried about my Student Visa being processed on time before my study at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) starts. I hope somebody can give me advice on what I should do next, but first of all let me explain my situation to you.

    At the end of April this year I received an email with the message that I have been offered a place to study at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After I received the email I immediately started working on filling in all the documents I needed for my Student Visa Application. After this I unfortunately faced numerous problems while applying for my Student Visa Application.

    The first time I sent all my documents to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University some documents were incomplete so I had to sent them again by express post. I sent my package containing the documents for the Student Visa Application with UPS Parcel Service. The company responsible for delivering it lost the package, resulting in a two week delay. It took several weeks before they relocated my package and delivered it to The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

    On the 13th of July I received an email from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University that all my documents were in order/complete and that they sent my Student Visa Application to you, the Hong Kong Immigration Department. They also told me that it will approximately take 4-6 weeks (or even longer) to acquire my Student Visa if all the documents were complete.

    The problem that I'm facing at the moment is that I'm planning to arrive in Hong Kong on the 17th of August, because I need to register myself at the university on the 20th of August. I have contacted the university and explained my situation to them. They told me that it is also possible for me to register myself on the 27th of August. This means that I have an extra week to receive my Student Visa.

    Currently my visa application has been "In Progress" for 4 weeks, I look at the status everyday on the website of the Immigration Department. I only have two/three weeks left before I initially planned to arrive in Hong Kong and my study starts. I'm checking the progress and status of my visa application every day, but each day I'm getting a little bit more nervous and worried.

    What I would like to know from anybody that read this thread is what do you think I should do next? And if some people already applied for a Student Visa, how long did it take before you received yours and did you face any problems during your application?

    Thank you for reading this and any advice is welcome

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    Not saying this is what is happening here as i don't know the current processing times, but generally speaking visas can take a little longer in July/August as this is a popular time for families, as well as students, to move to Hong Kong.

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    Not sure which section Student Visas come under but try both of these (telephone and email listed):

    Mr. AU-YEUNG Chi Wai Ch Immigration Offr (Other Visas and Permits)
    +852 2829 3223
    [email protected]

    Miss CHAN Wing Yan, Polly Ch Immigration Offr (Employment and Visit Visas)
    +852 2294 2299
    [email protected]
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    Thank you for your replies! At the same time of writing my post I also sent an email to [email protected]. I got an email from the Director of Immigration that he would sent my email to the relevant section for appropriate action. When I checked the status of my Visa Application on the website I noticed that the status had changed to "Application Approved".

    Hopefully it will arrive on time. First they have to sent it to the university and after that the university will sent it to me through express post. I live in The Netherlands so it will take some days to arrive.

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    Hello, is it more expensive to study on hk than in the EU?

    When you arrive you will need to apply for a hk id card

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    I think it depends on what kind of study you are going to do. The one I'm going to take is a little bit more expensive than in The Netherlands. But this university in HK is a good one and the program is also highlh rated.

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    I dont need to apply for a HK id card because I will receive a stundent visa for 1 year

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    You need to apply for HKID...even if you stay for 1 year..

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    Hey there

    you'll also have to apply for a HKID if your 17 and below /18 and above. I went to shenzhen customs to activate my student visa (they basically pasted a one page sticker on my passport and gave me another one page stamp .. wasted my passport pages.. haha)

    They always take a long time to process its normal for the hk immigration department. I waited 1 or 2 months last year when i reapplied for the student visa. It was slightly faster as i was a second time applicant.

    Anyway, relax and probably call in to check with them if your really doubtful.


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