Time frame for ROP 145 application

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    Time frame for ROP 145 application

    Hello All,

    I am a Hong Kong Citizen. My 3 year old son is born in the US. I intent to apply for HKID and return home permit for him. As I understand, the first step is the ROP 145 application.

    My question is the time frame of the application process because we are staying in Hong Kong for a limited time. We are currently in Hong Kong for about 10 days. In about six months we will return for another 3 weeks. I wonder if there is enough time for us. Is it going to be a problem if we leave Hong Kong during the application?

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    It'd take about a month or so, but you can talk to them to see if it can be faster. And it should be possible to finish things for a return visit.

    However, as your son is born outside Hong Kong and China after 1997, he would only have claim to ROA if both parents were not permanent residents or citizens in the US.

    Basically meaning that if you or your partner were US citizens or green card holders, your son would not be eligible.