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APEC Card Application Progress

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    To give you an idea, I've applied (in HK) in March 2023 and Indonesia is the only one that I am missing (+ Taiwan but apparently it's normal for applications from HK).

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    Taiwan you won't get. However depending on your luck and if you have a foreign passport you can use it to avoid the normal congestions at Tapei if your passport allows you to enter Taiwan visa free (I assume it may work if you require a visa and you gained it) . Can confirm this has been done twice now by somebody I know. One time they were stopped by a person at sorting out queues at Taipei and not allowed to use Apec counter (as Taiwan/Chinese Taipei) wasn't at the back of the card.

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    Hi all,

    I submitted my application 15 November, and applied for China only.
    I need to go to China for sure in late December....

    Should I just apply for China visa separately since once-month turnaround might be tight?


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