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HK Police Check for China

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    Great Info from mrgoodkat.
    @ellieflesher: Ask your school to go to the PSB in the city that you are going to work in, get them to write up the request letter with your FULL NAME as in your passport and then mail the letter to you in HK to take to the HK Police.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckster007:
    Very confusing. Ok lets break it down like this so hopefully we all understand

    1. You're working in HK as a Teacher
    2. You're British citizen
    3. You have found a new job in China as a teacher
    4. The China School needs to apply a working visa for you
    5. The China Immigration dept needs a certificate of No Criminal Conviction
    If the above is wrong please correct it

    Why is the UK Embassy involved?? It is a dealing between the China school/China Immigration/YOU???
    Quite often, a school requires a No Criminal record certificate, this is true specially for international schools. HK Police only issue this for official immigration purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgoodkat:
    Get the PSB do write the letter for you. I had a PCC done in HK a few years back for China. The Shenzhen Entry&Exit bureau wrote up the request for me to bring to the HK police and they sent the PCC directly to Shenzhen. It's not the embassy who writes the request, but the PSB where you are applying for your visa.
    Thank you for the advice! Was this a letter for Certificate of No Criminal Convictions in Hong Kong?

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    HK government issues a billigual version of the document, therefore no more professional translation is needed when the people in China can read Chinese.