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Question about dual citizenship/dual nationality

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    Just to add, technically you were a "HK citizen" before the handover, as you inherited the old British HK citizenship by descent and were eligible for the BNO passport in addition to your British Citizen passport.

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    If it is not a government form, you can fill whatever nationality you have.

    If it is a government form, the nationality you fill in may be related to what you are eligible.

    We wrote Chinese in the form when applying for HKID cards, and we can get HKSAR passports and HRP.

    You are probably not eligible to hold HKSAR passport as you said you needed to go back to HK every 3 years. Chinese nationals don't need to go back every 3 years to avoid losing Right of Abode.

    You should know whether you currently have any dual nationality, if you have applied BN(O) before 1997, you have both BC and BN(O) nationality. Check with the immigration department if you don't know whether you currently have Chinese nationality.

    Not all HKID card and HKPID card holders have Chinese nationality. Hong Kong is not a country, there is no "Hong Kong citizenship". There are BN(O) and HKSAR passports.

    If you use Home Return Permit to enter Mainland china, you are regarded as a Chinese national. If you are not eligible to hold HRP, you use your BC or BN(O) passport to enter China and is regarded as BC or BN(O) in China.

    Same for the UK, a EU or Republic of Ireland citizen can be a legal resident and not citizen in the UK. Singapore has many Permanent Residents who are not citizens of Singapore. If they choose to become Singapore citizens, they have to renounce current nationalities.

    Quote Originally Posted by spode
    My understanding is that citizenship is tied to a country. HK is not a country. You can be a resident of HK, but not a citizen of HK. The HKSAR Passport, as I understand it, is for citizens of China who are permanently resident in HK and may or may not even be welcome to live on the mainland. Probably, this question is asking if you have an HKSAR passport.

    YMMV. I am not a lawyer or imigration expert, and if I am mistaken in certain circumstances I am sure someone will correct me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lighthse003
    You are probably not eligible to hold HKSAR passport as you said you needed to go back to HK every 3 years.
    AIYA! As far as I can see, no-one told the OP this except some badly informed aunties & uuncles. I have heard this so many times from people who are simply wrong! As a general rule, in my extensive experience, non-Chinese are far better informed about HKIDs and what the symbols and statuses mean than (ex-)HK Chinese.

    If you have *** on your HKID then your Right of Abode is for life. You do not have to return ever.

    Please email to confirm this (and any other similar question) rather than basing some fairly major life decisions on what you read in ill-informed discussions on anonymous internet chat forums!

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    I've always said i'm British and never had any problems. Your HK ID allows you to work and live in Hong Kong so there's no need to worry about it.

    There's only been a few times where institutions have seen my HK ID, then they ask for my passport copy as well. But those have been formalities with no impact on getting loans, jobs etc.

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    You are filling in an employment form for a certain company??
    Just fill in British as nationality, you dont hold dual nationality and when it ask for HK ID card number just fill that in. easy peasy la

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