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NEED ADVICE: Chances of getting work visa is low

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    Will I get a chance if they ask for a reconsideration from the immigration and raise the salary to 20k?

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    well that really depends on what kind of position is that. If you are a highly experience (or high ranking position) I think the answer is NO.

    Also i'm not sure what designs are you doing but for industry that the government sees it as struggling, such as IT and garment, they would normally encourage local hire.

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    15k is way too low. If they give you free housing then it might be ok for frugal living.
    Cost of living here is way more expensive than the Philippines.
    From my experience, if you target to save money, you sacrifice a lot to save very less so why bother?
    If you just want to live in HK or leave PH, that salary is fine. make do with what you get.

    Company will have difficulty getting your visa approved but there is still a chance.
    I know friends who got denied of their visa because of the salary and when company raised it to 20+,
    Immigration still did not approve. I think they got suspicious the 2nd time around.

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