Applying Working holiday Visa

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    Question Applying Working holiday Visa

    Hi all!
    My boyfriend and I currently living in UK, he'd like to work in Hong Kong in Oct.
    Anyone knows if it is possible that you choose your "valid date to start" on your visa when filling in the application form? Or it will be "immediate start" once your application is successful?

    Besides, the insurance he has to get, it MUST cover for 12 months? Is he required to get the insurance and attach the documents in the application form?

    As we'd like to back to Hong Kong in Oct however at the same time there is only 1000 Quota for British getting working holiday visa in Hong Kong. It'd be much appreciated if anyone knows Thank you so much!!

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    Check the remaining quota with the relevant department.

    Working Holidays in Hong Kong are still less popular than Western countries and Japan among the youths of Europe and Australia.
    Reasons include high cost of living and most jobs requiring Cantonese. Other languages such as English, French, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean are easier to learn.

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    Thank you!!