ROA to ROL, downgrade steps?

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    ROA to ROL, downgrade steps?

    I have ROA (and an adult "Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card" chip issued in 2011 with ***AO)

    Have not visited HK in more than 3 years, don't qualify for any of the exemptions(not chinese/PRC citizen, not born in HK and no HKSAR passport, overseas education etc)

    I assume I lose my ROA and fall down to ROL

    1. What happens when I use my adult HK PIC card during immigration? Will they confiscate it and tell me to apply for the proper ID card (for HK ROL)?
    2. How do I get a HK ROL card? Do I have to submit ROP145 (along with the birth certs/parent ID/... documents) and go through the VEPIC process?
    3. Should I just enter immigration as a visitor (with my actual passport), and figure this out later? I only have 2 days in HK for this trip

    according to this, they will confiscate my ROA card
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