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Help with Visa application forms questions and general queries

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    Help with Visa application forms questions and general queries


    My name is Nikhil, I am looking to move to Hong Kong on a company sponsored Visa, along with my wife, who will be a dependent. I am trying t fill the form, "Application for Employment as Professionals in Hong Kong". Have a few queries, which would be great if someone can assist me with:

    1) Proposed stay in Honk Kong for Employment: Two sub questions here: 1) Proposed date of entry, and 2) Proposed duration of stay. - Here what should I fill, given that date of entry depends on whenever they approve the application, and duration is indefinite.

    2) My passport is valid only till March'2019, will that be an issue in getting the visa?

    3) In my passport, the space under spouse name has been left blank, although I will be applying for a dependent visa for my wife. Will that be an issue?

    4) In the "present address" line, currently I am staying in a hotel, so do not have any proof of address. Will this be an issue?

    Also, if they reject the visa application for lack of information in the form, then is it difficult to get a visa later?


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    The company sponsoring you should be doing the visa application for you.

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    Don't use a Hk address. You're supposed to be a tourist!! Use your permenant back home address.

    No problem about your passport although would be easier if you got a new one before you applied.

    Can apply for dependent visa later for the wife.

    Proposed duration to match your contract. Hopefully both are permenant.

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    As your passport is only valid until March 2019, your visa will only be valid until February 2019. If you can, apply for a new passport before applying as then you will get your 2 year visa.

    Apply for your wife's visa at the same time, as it is quicker and she can join you straight away. You will need to provide a marriage certificate when you apply for the visa. They do not really look at the passport spouse section, as this is a very Indian specific thing. Most passports do not contain details of spouse.

    And as mentioned above, your employer should really be helping you with this. The duration of stay section is dependant on your employment contract so they should be providing you this information.

    Good luck!

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