"Application" section of the online gov.uk spouse visa application - have a question about accommodation requirements.

Spouse (applicant) and I (sponsor) jointly own a 2 bedroom apartment in London that we intend to put on the online spouse visa application as our intended residence in the UK. It is currently tenanted but will be available for our exclusive use once we serve notice.

The questions ask "Does [Sponsor] own this property?" and "Does anyone else, other than [Sponsor] their dependants, live at this property?"

Q1 Sponsor and applicant jointly own property but this is just a yes / no question. Picked yes.

Q2 Is this current status or in the future? This seems to assume the Sponsor is in the UK right now, which isn't the case where we are both in HK and intend to move to the UK (as it seems most are in this forum). We don't want to put our current tenants details down as we wouldn't be sharing accommodation with them, but yet if we mark down "no" would this create issues? There is no comment box to clarify the situation! Assume as part of supporting documents we need to provide title deeds etc which we can easily provide as legal owners of the property.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

PS Also have relatives in the UK that we can put down to offer accommodation but would prefer not to bother them in the application.