Dependant and work visa

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    Dependant and work visa

    I am currently on a tourist visa in Hong Kong, living with my fiance (and partner of 7 years). I was hoping to get a work visa through interviews while here but it is proving more difficult then expected as I am a freelancer and other then setting up my own company there doesn't seem to be a way to get sponsered and be able to work for a number of companies.

    My fiance and I are getting married in Australia at Xmas and are then coming back to Hong Kong. I would then like to get my dependancy and work visa as soon as possible so that I can start to work as I have been told by a few companies that as soon as I have my visa they will have work for me.

    Could anyone advise me on the best way to do this. Do you have to apply for dependancy first and then a work visa or will the dependancy visa automatically give me the right to work?

    Will the work visa entitle me to work freelance for a number of companies? Does anyone know about how I would do a tax return as a freelancer in HK?

    So many questions!
    I look forward to hearing any advice,
    Many thanks.

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    if you are approved for a Dependant Visa, you will not need an Employment Visa.

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    The Dependant Visa allows you to work freely.

    As a freelancer you would need to register a Sole Proprietor business and then complete the normal tax forms. Start here: Profits Tax - What you need to know as a Self-Employed