Hi everyone,

I was born overseas to a HK parent who is holding a Hong Kong permanent identity card. I am 23 years old and I would like to apply for the ASSG, but I have some questions about it.

- I have some work experience that I can show, including my hotel internship in Hong Kong a few years ago. Is that a benefit for me?
- You need to show your financial standing. Is it enough to show your salary slip? Because I don't have a lot of savings, since I paid a lot for private schools. How can you show that you are able to meet the living expenses expect for showing any savings? It's quite a private thing, right?
I have a place where I can stay for free (family's appartment) and also my parents are going to sponsor me as well. They also have a HK bankaccount with money on it, that I can use.

Many thanks!