Work Visa - Graduation in June

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    Work Visa - Graduation in June

    I am considering taking a teaching role however I am due to receive my diploma (bachelors degree) in June when I walk across the stage. I finished in December however graduation is only done in June and that is when I would receive the diploma. I have a TEFL and volunteer teaching experience as well.
    I have proof stating that I am eligible and due to graduate and have completed all required credits but just haven't received the diploma yet. Will this be a problem with regards to work visa application? Do they need the physical diploma or will my proof from my university be enough? Cheers

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    What does your transcript say? Does it say "Bachelor's awarded, December 2018" or does it just list the classes you took and your credits? They mostly look at the transcript I think.

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    Where are you wanting to teach? If in a language centre, it probably wouldn't be an issue - but as someone with proper teacher training you are likely to find such a job soul-destroying. If you do want to go that route, then language centres generally hire year-round.

    If you are looking for a position in a *real* school, then they will want you to have not only your degree but also to have completed your supervised teaching year(s), QTS, full state certification, or whatever they call it in your country; there is very little scope for fresh graduates who need a visa.

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    I have my transcript showing all 120/120 credits as well as a letter from my school admissions department stating my completion of all required credits and eligibility for graduation for June 2019. Would that be enough or do I need more proof?

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    The role would be in a language center. I don't believe I am qualified enough to teach in a *real* school haha

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    Everything have a chance. There is nothing wrong if you try.

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