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Pakistani Govt Site Compromised

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    Pakistani Govt Site Compromised

    Protip: If you'd rather cyber-scoundrels didn't know the contents of your comp, don't apply for a Pakistani passport

    A Pakistani government website was compromised with a keylogger and other malware that hoovered up a whole host of information about people checking on their passport application status.

    Researchers from Trustwave discovered that the Scanbox JavaScript framework was running on the site.

    The keylogger scooped up users' login details for the compromised site, while Scanbox fingerprinted the user's browser and collected details of programs installed on the machine used to sign in. It also hunted for 77 common anti-malware packages, beaming back details of its findings to the attackers' command-and-control servers.
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    For the record, its not cool, even for older colonial types or for younger bad-boy-wannabes to use the term "Paki". Except may be over gin and tonics at the Hong Kong Club.

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