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Exit/Enter HK without passport (only HKID)

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    I saw an immigration officer with a serious look, reminding a new immigrant Chinese woman with only a non Permanent ID card in Lo Wu to bring her DI in the future. That's the official policy. The woman said she forgot to bring her DI at the counter.

    Probably different look and words said or no words said to different nationalities.

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    WITH a Non permanent ID:

    - use e- channel for immigration clearance,no passport is needed.

    - Passport scanners on new e-channel gates are for visitors and Mainland permit holders. As a HK resident you only use your HKID to enter / exit HK.

    - AIRLINE check-in : any valid travel document will do. They verify name / and also your landing rights ( visa etc) for your destination.

    - airport security : just use your HKID is fine.

    * Only risk : in case your HKID fails working at e-channel gates, what are the chances???

    In that case, you just approach counters and they will verify your information and still clear you, may take a few minutes like others said.

    If you hold permanent ID ; No need to worry about the risk I just mentioned.

    - About Airline check in when coming back to Hong Kong ; as long as you hold a passport that has visa free access to HK; THAT'S ALL that airline cares for.

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