extending visitors visa for hong kong

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    extending visitors visa for hong kong

    hi myself (New Zealand passport) & my wife & kids (all US citizens) are looking at staying in hong kong for 5 months next year, hoping to base there & travel around asia alittle. i see we are all eligible for the 90 visitors visa.

    how easy is that to renew? i have read that you can leave HK & come back to re-activate your visa. is that the case for the visitors visa? do you have to be out of the country for a period of time to renew the visa?

    any wisdom would be appreciated!! thanks

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    Yeah just leave and come back. You could walk across the border, turn around and come right back if you want to.

    But according to your post, you'll be travelling to different places from HK anyway, so you'll be renewing it at least once as it is...

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    wow... that’s what i had heard, i just didn’t believe. ok thanks for that.

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    The most common way to do it is to go to Macau - 1 hr ferry ride, v cheap, and interesting but yes, some people just go in the morning, spend a couple of hours in a casino and take a ferry home a few hours later (I know I did to activate my visa last year!).

    PS - once is a doddle (and is all you need based on your post); going in and out frequently - no problem either - the only time it becomes more dicey is if you stay in HK for exactly 90 days, leave and comeback, stay 90 days, leave and come back (repeat a few times)... that's when they realise you are actually LIVING in HK, but touring, no problem whatsoever.

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    hey one last question. do i need to apply in advance for the visitors visa? or just turn up at the airport & get then at immigration?

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    Just turn up and they will stamp your passport. No need to apply at all.