Hello everyone !

I am an upcoming MSc student in Management of Information Systems Management at HKUST. I'm strongly motivated to remain in HK and find a job here.

Apparently, I read on the Immigration website in HK we have to leave 4 weeks upon completion of studies. But during my interview with the admission board, both the directors of the program and admission team mentioned that I will be granted 12 extra months upon graduation. I had an offer from LSE (UK) and HKUST but I chose the latter mainly because of the new experience, case study-based teaching and the long visa appealed me.

So, my questions are:
- How long would I be granted on my visa when I'm doing a MSc that lasts for 1 year ?
- How difficult is it to find a job as an international with both Management (BSc - undergrad at Warwick uni) and IT degrees ? I am interested in Financial Markets/Investment Banking/Technology Consulting
- Is it possible to find an internship starting January ? What sources should I look into ?
- My mandarin proficiency is conversational at the moment, does that enable me to find a job ? (unrealistic but it's still a plus)

I'm really worried...

Thank you in advance, and have a nice day everyone!!