Malaysian or Canadian obtaining Hong Kong citizenship

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    Malaysian or Canadian obtaining Hong Kong citizenship


    My brother is expecting his baby to be born in half a year. A little background - he holds both Hong Kong and Canadian nationalities, while his wife holds Malaysian. They're currently debating where the baby should be born to "maximize" the amount of citizenships the baby can hold.

    My question is, if the baby is born in Malaysia or Canada, but spends 7+ years in HK studying, would he/she be eligible for HK citizenship? Also, I've heard rumours that to get the HK citizenship, he would have to give up all other nationalities, is this true? Finally, would the baby experience any setbacks in terms of education if he holds a foreigner passport while applying to HK schools? (most likely pre-nursery to primary school).

    Appreciate any insights, thank you.

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    You don't need citizenship to effectively live and work in HK. And you certainly don't need to maximise it like you collect credit cards.

    With a permanent residence in HK (7 years) one can live / work and vote here freely without having to worry about being a Chinese national, if that is a worry.

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    On your way to Canada, but still in U.S. airspace, makes it 4