HK Dependent Visa - Present vs. Permanent Address

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    HK Dependent Visa - Present vs. Permanent Address

    Hi everyone -

    This is such a minor thing but on the HK dependent visa application, it asks for a "Present Address" and a "Permanent Address (if any)" and I am unsure as to how to answer the question. I am currently on a tourist visa expiring in November and living with my spouse in HK, but we still have a permanent home back in the states. Should I therefore put HK as present and states as permanent? I don't want to throw up any red flags at immigration by stating HK as my present address since I am technically not a resident here.

    Thanks so much! Can't wait for this to be application to be SUBMITTED!


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    Immd knows you're here on a tourist visa - so your present address is where you're living. Permanent, where you live permanently which should be your home address outside of HK.

    Don't overthink it. Get your application in asap.

    The rumor mills are saying that it seems to be taking a bit longer to process visas these days - so get the form filled and send it in. You will be given chances to correct if IMMD thinks something is incorrect.