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Visa run for Chinese national

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    Lightbulb Visa run for Chinese national

    Hi all, hoping someone might have some insight on this. I'm a foreign national living and working in HK on my HKID. My partner is a Chinese national, with residency outside of China (he has never lived in China so has no proof of address, etc).

    He has come to Hong Kong to visit me with visa on arrival, which for Chinese nationals is max 1 week (I believe pre-arrival visa is 2-weeks). We are hoping to have him stay a few weeks longer and were wondering if it would be possible for him to do a visa run to Shenzhen, effectively getting a new HK visa issued when he crosses back through the border? Are there Chinese people who live/work in HK and do the visa run once a week? We are assuming this is in some kind of bureaucratic grey area but don't want to attempt it in case he is unable to renter.

    Thanks in advance.

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    As far as I understand he's actually not able to enter Macau without a pre-arrival visa.

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    If by visa on arrival you mean he arrived by air on a Chinese passport, then no, he won't be able to do a visa run to China. Chinese Nationals are only permitted 7 days in HK for transit. He'd have to fly somewhere else. Unlikely the immigration officer would let him back into HK immediately after leaving via land border.

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    You say he has never lived in China, so does your partner even have a mainland hukou? If so, where is it?

    To come back to HK after he has entered China, he may have to return to his hokou city to apply from the local PSB for an entry permit to HK. Not sure how this would work if he has never registered for hukou.

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