The gap you mention is trivial ; you were in between visas. Hong Kong immigration is much more practical and flexible than that.

You should have no problems with this gap.

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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone of you have ever applied for PR and succeeded on the basis that you accidentally broke the 7 years chain.

Brief background on my case:
I am a foreigner (non-mainland) hk resident and have been in hk since August 2014. (Almost 6 years). During my first 4 years I resided in hk under student visa. My student visa was due to expire in 18 aug 2018. Once I finished my final term in June 2018, I went home abroad for 3 months n came back to hk on 23rd august 2018. By that time my student visa already expired and I came back to hk under tourist visa.

During these 3 months I already applied for IANG (Immigration Arrangemnents for Non-Local Graduates) visa and my application was approved on 13 August 2018 (before my student visa expired).
i also Secured a signed job offer on 5th feb 2018 if this is relevant.

However, as i came on tourist visa, i needed to activate the new working visa (IANG) by getting out of hk and came back to do so. I did it on 8 Sep 18. So between 23 august and 8 sep 2018, I was technically not a hk resident.

My question is, does this make me ineligible to apply for a PR, once i make the 7 year mark of being an hk resident, or will the immigration officer judge it based on the weight of all facts that i have been residing in hk lawfully for these 7 years notwithstanding the fact that I accidentally broke the chain on an insignificant period of time?

apppreciate your thought on this. Thanks!