Dependent Visa entry by certain date?

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    Dependent Visa entry by certain date?

    Question Geo:

    I would like my parents to visit, but in order to do so they need to be residents now. So I am considering applying for a dependent visa.

    Once you are approved for a dependent visa is there a certain you must enter Hong Kong by? because I would prefer some flexibility given the uncertainty around flights.


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    3 months from date of approval

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    Tai Hang

    My mother was suppose to be here mid April to activate her dependent visa. Since flights were cancelled and she is not able to fly in time before her visa expires by end April, I wrote to immigration with my case number and asked for an extension of 3 months.My case officer called me after 2 days and she said don’t worry about it just call back a month before your mother books a scheduled flight And we will reissue a new dependent visa.

    the dependent visa Application process Is very straightforward just read the forms properly and provide documentation required. It took me 10weeks From application to approval And that includes lag time in replying and preparing documents needed. Good luck!