Entering HK during Covid

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    Entering HK during Covid

    Hello everyone, as someone who need to return to Hong Kong to pack up my belongings I wanted to know I am eligible to enter. I do have a non permanent HKID and have a working visa sponsored by my previous company which is active till 2021 July. My question however is I am currently not employed in Hong Kong as I was terminated in January and it got pretty bad like we went to court and things like that.

    One of the conditions for entering from what I read on Cathay site regarding covid was I need non permanent HKID and work visa. My concern is whether I am eligible under this category as what if my previous employers cancelled my sponsorship of the visa, hence my visa which allows me to stay until 2021 July becomes void therefore prohibiting me from entering Hong Kong ( Originally i
    I was on IANG visa)?

    I really need to return now to close my rent and other businesses, so my questions are this:

    i) even if my employers cancelling the visa does not make my visa status null, if I am not employed I’m HK is the visa still active and allow me to enter?

    ii) if my employers cancel my sponsorship of the visa does it cancel my visa and hence my vis status is void and I am not allowed to enter Hong Kong?

    I would really appreciate the feedback as it will be very helpful for me before I book my flights thank you.

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    from what i have experienced in the past, non-covid time, even when you are no longer working the visa/HK ID Card is valid for entree into HK until the expiry of that work visa.

    Whether has the covid and the control of incoming flow changed anything, i am not sure. I suspect not but you might want to check with immigration dept.

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    1. Feel free to come and go until your visa expires.

    2. No it doesnt unless you're a domestic helper.

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    Thanks !!