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Accidentally overstayed my tourist visa by almost one month

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    Quote Originally Posted by franckthetank:
    Just an update for everyone's benefit, I have had a case last week where a US passport holder had overstayed her work visa by 1 month and that person was arrested when she was trying to extend her visa at the Immigration Department and she is currently being prosecuted by Hong Kong government. Whilst I am very happy for OP that she managed to resolve her case successfully without being arrested, this is not the norm with or without COVID.
    She overstayed a work visa whereas others overstayed their tourist visa. I'm also sure there were other factors warranting her arrest. Probably, knowingly overstaying or more aggregious actions.

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    Wow, that is very unfortunate for the other person that overstayed their work visa. I, for sure, thought this could happen to anybody and was prepared to be stopped at the IMMD should I be approached and not allowed to go back out of the building without some kind of enforcement next to me.

    I asked my Cantonese speaking husband what he said to the IMMD people when we approached the window and he just stated the facts of my overstay but did not apologize or grovel. He’s an executive, so he’s not likely to do that. If anything, I’m the forstmone to do that especially if I violated any law. I’m here on tourist visa and not here to work or go to school so I’m not sure if that sets me apart from this recent case. I hope she will be able to just pay the fines and hopefully she doesn’t have to leave HK in order to come back in. That would be difficult at this time with COVID-19.

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