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Regarding HK Dependent VISA

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    Question Regarding HK Dependent VISA

    Hi Team,

    I am at HK in employment visa and my wife is in my Dependent visa. She works here for a company in one year contract (still in dependent visa ). We both have visa validity until Aug 2021. However I will have to travel back to india by Jan and my employment sponsership will be cancelled. Visa validity still remains.

    Any idea whhether my wife can continue working here since the dependent visa is still valid until Aug? Any documents or weblinks stating this would be helpful....


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    General principle is that once they're issued, visas aren't canceled even if they would not be renewed - in other words, if you have a dependent visa good until mid-2021 you can stay and work until then, even if your sponsor is gone.

    This is not legal advice

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    also depends on your employer and whether they send a notification to the the immigration department informing them of the cessation of employment

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    thanks for the responses