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Changing name by deed poll from HK (British)

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    Changing name by deed poll from HK (British)

    Hi all,

    I am wanting to change my name by deed poll to the name I’m always referred to and have always been known as. I am British citizen living in HK, not a permanent resident but hold a working visa.

    I have emailed the Consulate but they never got back to me unfortunately. Is this something I can do whilst in HK or shall I wait to visit the UK and get a new passport there?

    If I was to obtain a new passport with my new name in the UK what happens to my visa? If I do it here I’m guessing I just change it over?

    Thanks in advance

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    There is a significant difference between the UK and Hong Kong.

    In the UK, there is no register of legal names. A deed of change of name ("deed poll") is simply a piece of paper on which you've written a formal declaration written on it that you're using a new name. See here:

    You can submit that declaration as proof of change of name when applying for a replacement British passport in the new name.

    Hong Kong visas are issued to the person, not the passport. So the visa will remain valid even if you get a new passport (even in a different name). To prove your status, simply present BOTH the old (cancelled) passport in the old name AND the new passport in the new name.

    (Note this can cause some confusion, because your new British passport will contain NO reference to the old name, contrary to the expectations of some Hong Kong officials. Hopefully, your photographs are sufficiently similar to make it really clear you're the same person – and obviously the birth date will remain the same)

    You can then apply to the immigration department for the visa endorsement to be transferred to the new passport.

    You should also get your ID card name changed to match the new passport, by submitting form ROP73:

    Hope this helps!

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    Write it yourself, you can find a template easily on the internet.

    I did this when I was 17 and it is all that is required to change passport etc. It it just a legal declaration.