Husband Work Visa - Wife Dependent Visa Same Time?

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    Husband Work Visa - Wife Dependent Visa Same Time?

    My husband was recently transferred to HK (from SZ) and is in the process of establishing whether he can get a visa or not (an agent is taking care of it), as he only has 3 years work experience, is a foreigner, etc.
    I heard that we can apply for our visas at the same time, him on a working one, me on a dependent one. But his visa agent told him different. I`m annoyed about that bc I think it`s just his (crappy) company who doesn`t care about his wife. I`m sure people told me that they applied for visas at the same time. I don`t want to be 6-8 weeks behind him, since I will have a baby soon and this will only postpone my getting HKID and thus having access to the public health care system for my baby.
    Can anyone corroborate this?

    Also, out of curiosity, does anyone know on what grounds does the HK gov`t reject people?


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    We had our visas done together by our agent at Crown Relocation. They were very efficient and got our visas within 3 weeks (usually 4-6 weeks). So I as his wife was sponsored as a dependent visa.

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    If you are not Chinese then yes you can apply at the same time on the form ID990A.

    However, if, as I suspect, you are Chinese then different rules apply and what the agent says may well be true (and I believe that your chances of getting a visa are substantially reduced).