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Registered Foreign Lawyer / working visa help

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    Lightbulb Registered Foreign Lawyer / working visa help

    Hi all,

    I am in the process of applying for my HK working visa (lawyer) and have been advised that the immigration department will need to see confirmation from the HK Law Society that I have been accepted as a Registered Foreign Lawyer ('RFL') before my working visa can be granted. The RFL application is meant to take approx 4 weeks to process and the visa is meant to take approx 4-8 weeks to process.

    I saw on another forum that someone suggested your HK working visa can be granted before your RFL application has been approved (but I think this may be because the 'No Objection Letter' route was taken instead). Does anyone have any experience of this? I am keen to move ASAP as my current job ends in 1 month and I ideally do not want to wait 3 months before moving.

    Insight from anyone who has experience of this process would be much appreciated.

    Also - are processing times still the usual 4-6/8 weeks or have people found that processing has been quicker lately what with the immigration department not being as busy as usual.

    Thank you!

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    You have a job lined up in HK right...? If so, surely your law firm/employer would be taking care of this for you. This isn't the most useful reply, but I'm unclear why you are having to deal with the visa issue yourself if you have a job/employer lined up.

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    Yes, my employer is dealing with this for me. I am trying to work out how long the process will take and whether immigration does need approval from the HK Law Society before granting me a visa. I saw on a previous thread (2 years ago) that someone said the immigration department doesnt need confirmation from the Law Society that you are registered, so I am trying to work out what the process is. The HR department of my employer doesnt seem 100% certain so I wanted to hear from people who have been through the process.

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    I should clarify - my employer has submitted both applications already, it is timescales I am interested in

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    A no objection letter from the HK Law Society will be sufficient. Just include this in your application. If you miss it, the officer will also remind you to get this letter. Not a big problem at all!

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