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    My wife and I did the steps to extend my work visa and her dependent visa in person on 29 January. I was given a paper from the officer showing the app reference number, date, and my name with +1 in a circle next to it. Since this is now an e-visa, I went online at the instructed date of 8 Feb., looked up my app reference number (It was in fact a shortened version of the number the officer wrote down; his number had 5 digits in the middle that don't fit into their system. I eventually figured this out.), paid the fee, and was able to see and download the "notification slip" showing I can stay. It shows my name and info but nothing about my wife. Where is her notification slip? I could not get through to the staff when I called them 9 days ago, thus wrote an e-mail. In the past, they were very quick with a reply. This time it's been 9 days and no answer except the confirmation that my message has been forwarded 9 days ago to the appropriate division. Her visa is expiring at the end of this month. Do others have experience with this? Am I to believe that her dependent visa is also renewed without any written record of her name, etc? That seems unlikely and risky.

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    I would recommend you email again, and keep trying to call, and keep records of your calls. And keep the physical piece of paper with the +1 on it. And if you have proof you paid the fee for two visa renewals, keep that too. Records, records, records. So on the off-chance they have made an oversight, you can prove you acted 100% responsibly.

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    Thanks! Finally, approved. As you said, we had to contact them multiple times.