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Bringing parents over here

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    Bringing parents over here


    I am on a GEP visa and thinking of bringing my parents here for the long term to stay with me. I know that given I don't have a PR, they cannot come here as a resident. So a couple of questions:

    1. Is there any workaround that I can follow? Maybe bringing them as a tourists but I am not sure how long they have to mandatorily spend out of HK once the visa expires.
    2. Any recommendations for the health insurance? They would likely need frequent OPD visits so I am searching for a plan that includes it in addition to the hospitalization. The ones I found does not mention OPD and has other things like air accident, baggage loss etc that I do not need.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    The plans that you have looked at are most likely travel insurance and will not cover chronic care..

    I don't think you can get whatever proper health insurance in HK that you need to cover your parents, without them being residents. Besides almost any private health insurance will have severe restrictions on pre existing conditions.

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    There is no real workaround other than exiting Hong Kong and re-entering after the tourist visa period expires which is a hassle right now given the hotel quarantine. There might be questions by the immigration after x re-entries. Regarding health insurance please note that there might be limitations in some travel related insurances if there is an ongoing stay at one place.

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    AFAIK, there are no legit workarounds to this. Stephen Barnes, a HK immigration lawyer, discusses this situation on his blog here.

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    Thanks everyone for the inputs. Looks like it is going to be a challenge.

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    The most realistic workaround is probably to get them to come as Chinese students or invest in a business in HK or something.

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    Golden opportunity to come and learn Chinese...I think even can qualify for HKID to get health care.