Thankfully those airline bans for too many cases or worse, incorrect paperwork, are very much a thing of the past. This is a continuing trend in the right direction. Yes they should go the whole hog but unlikely to get approvals from mothership so we are doing it by degrees.

Two big differences to the previous regime. 1) they’ve attempted to tackle agency block booking of Qt Hotels. I’m not sure they’ve fully succeeded. That will only be proven in the next wave of releases (if hotel Qt still exists for Nov 2) when moving from 7 to 3+4 there was a clear and written directive from the govt that hotels must refund unused nights. Some are taking the piss by trying to levy am admin fee but that’s a massive step up from CL days when they washed their hands completely of ‘commercial arrangements’.

Would love to see them focus on hotel QT charges and the rocketing prices but I think that’s one hope too far. You can bet your life they will be hiked again for the next release.