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HK ID card appointments not available

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    There is a steady stream of people returning to HK including people doing PR runs and many from our country who had disappeared for various reasons. ID card replacements, renewals are in serious demand.

    :Like sarsi - tried to check online and got a 10+ min wait to enter the system...

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    Are you sure the system updates at midnight every night? Maybe for example its at 1am and you keep logging on an hour early every night. I would try different times each day and not always at midnight.

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    I'm visiting family at the end of the month for a short trip, but parents advised to exchange old PR HK ID card to the new one, but also facing issues with the online booking system... their site says the booking quota becomes available each day at midnight local HK time so I tried for past 2 days to no avail!

    It seems very high demand / season to get it done. Does anyone have any tips?

    I join the queue at various times and here's my results so far (times below are HK time):
    1) Joined queue at 23:45, 45min wait, enter at 0:40 - No quota
    2) Joined queue at 23:30, 20min wait, enter at 23:52 - System busy Error - lost place... new place in queue is +1hr wait time
    3) Joined queue at 23:45, 20min wait, enter at 0:08 - No quota, but on some appointment types like replacement due to loss there was some 3 weeks ahead, but even when trying to pick a slot and getting to the pre-form it gave error that no quota - which makes me wonder how slots are not allocated even when you got to the time selection screen - it's worse than airline double booking system!

    I thought attempt 2 would be most successful, as it would be my turn to book before midnight - but really unlucky to get system busy error.

    I will try again on day 3, with 2 computers and 2 different browsers before 23:45 - I hope one of my 4 chances can get in before midnight. Even then the system says you have 20mins to complete.... it's like lottery!

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    is it the same problem for China re-entry permits? earliest application slot is late June right now....seems getting business back into China is not a priority
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    Try the appointment links during other times (not just midnight) - it works ok for me still right now..

    Hong Kong residents who cannot have their identity cards replaced due to their absence from Hong Kong can apply for a replacement at a ROP office within 30 days upon their future return to Hong Kong and need not rush back to replace their identity card, whether the replacement or issuance is required under the Replacement Exercise or due to the reaching of 11 or 18 years of age. If they return to Hong Kong and stay in Hong Kong for less than 30 days, they will not violate the law for not having their identity cards replaced during that time

    I was supposed to be able to collect new ID starting 6 March 2023 but got sms yesterday saying to avoid long waiting time, collect after 24 April 2023 :p
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    Quote Originally Posted by CeeJayee:
    I'm visiting family at the end of the month for a short trip, but parents advised to exchange old PR HK ID card to the new one,
    If you need to change the old card to the new "smart" hkid, then it's not the usual wanchai office...there are (we're? The deadline was march I think) dedicated locations to do that
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    you can apply for all chinese documents at your nearby chinese embassy.

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    By the way seems like things are easing into the website during normal hours (did it around noon) and have booked my time.

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    No luck for me for 5 days straight. Tried all kinds of hours. All quotas full

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