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Early work visa extension?

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    Just ask your work to write a letter requesting you to get your visa early. They need to include your name ID number and your salary. Then, you go to Immigration Tower and queue up at 6am. Make sure you take your letter, the visa renewel form (I can't remember which one...ID91?), your passport and a print out of your flights to confirm you wont be in HK when it expires.

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    Is it still a sticker thing? I noticed my helper's has moved online to the e-Visa thing and they just give you a pdf or something. I guess if everything is E then you could just do it online but the catch is I vaguely remember something like you need to be in HK to submit

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    Yep, I went along this morning and they’re giving me an E-visa. No sticker.

    To clarify for anyone else searching for options to renew before you visa expires, here’s a list of things you need.

    1. A letter from your employer with the following information:
    a. Your name
    b. ID card number
    c. How long you’ve worked there
    d. Start and end date if your new contract
    e. Your salary
    f. A line stating something like “As X will be travelling back to his/her native country for the summer vacation period, we would appreciate it if his/her visa extension request could be processed before 4 weeks prior to the expiry of his/her current visa.” (Note: I’m a teacher so that’s the line we used. I’m not sure it works for those in office jobs but I’m sure you can be creative)
    2. Your contract
    3. A print out of your flights (inc. return flight)
    4. Photocopy of passport page
    5. Photocopy of current visa which is due to expire
    6. Photocopy of ID
    7. ID91
    8. Passport
    9. ID card

    You can’t book an appointment if your visa isn’t due to expire within 4 weeks, so you need to queue up from approx 7:30am at Immigration Tower (not sure about week days, I’ve always gone on Saturday).

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