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Shenzhen Visa on arrival?

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    Uhmmm, what was the topic again ?

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    If visa free is not available at Futian, probably not, you will walk back to hk, better check first.

    To go from Luohu to places in Futian, take the shenzhen subway. Check the subway route map yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john18:
    Hi Jackson30, What is the 5 year VOA on Shenzhen entry that you are referring to. Does this need to be requested instead for the 5day VOA on entry or do they provide this because HKID? Similar to you, I have Australian passport and HKID but do not reside in HK. Does the 5 year VOA allow one to travel around China or is it restricted to Shenzhen area only. Will the fee be 400rmb, the same as 5-day VOA? Thanks.

    The fee varies based on passport. SHENZHEN Strictly and you MUST apply for it LuoHu station, by going to Lo Wu in Hong Kong. You need to have your photo taken and write down a hotel you'll stay at. No ifs no buts.

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    Trips to China by citizens of six countries granted visa-free status totalled 147,000 from December 1 to January 9, according to the news website.

    From December 1, China began allowing citizens of five European nations and Malaysia visa-free entry for up to 15 days. Ireland, Singapore and Thailand later joined the list, while visa applications have been simplified for people from other countries.

    Analysts expect China to keep relaxing the rules, including permission for more nationalities to enter visa-free.

    Caroline Cannac, a French national, recently spent a 30-hour Christmas holiday in the southern city of Shenzhen because she could get in visa-free, avoiding a HK$500 application fee. During their overnight stay, she, her husband and their two adult children spent 2,000 yuan (US$278) in cash – including 600 yuan on a traditional roast duck meal. That was on top of the HK$3,800 they had paid when pre-booking a high-end hotel.
    Her husband, a British citizen, got a Shenzhen-only visa at the border with Hong Kong, where they live.
    Cannac plans to return for day trips, even just to “look for a couple of chairs” as furnishings.
    “I’ll definitely go back, and I was even thinking, for my husband’s birthday, of taking him to Shenzhen,” said Cannac, 54, describing the city as greener and quieter than she had remembered from a visit about eight years ago. “As long as they keep it free, I will go.”

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    Hi, I recently helped my partner with the visa-on-arrival to Shenzhen so I can share some info.
    Basically the checkpoint when you exit HK is one thing, and the checkpoint to enter Mainland China is a different thing. They don't really communicate with each other. If you ask the officers at HK check point, they don't answer questions regarding the mainland checkpoint.
    You exit HK with your HK ID. And enter Mainland China with your passport. Later, You exit mainland China with your passport, and enter HK with HK ID.

    All the ports have the Visa service EXCEPT FUTIAN. The best option is to go to Luowu. The office is on the second floor.
    You just go there (preferably early), take a photo at the self-service photo booth (no fee), fill in a form, and take a number to wait for service. Depending on your passport you pay a fee and you get a sticker in your passport that allows you to be in Shenzhen for 5 days counting from the next day. But Shenzhen only, you cannot travel to another city.

    After you get this sticker, you will go through the border control, but VERY IMPORTANT to fill in another form ( you can find the form before the line, and you need info such as the address of where you are staying) before you go into the line. The line is quite slow because they take a long time checking each foreigners.

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