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HKPR for Dependent Wife and 1st Kid

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    Post HKPR for Dependent Wife and 1st Kid

    Need help!

    I have HKPR and we hold non-Chinese nationality. I am planning to apply PR for my Wife and 1st kid. they will complete 7 years next week.

    However, they were out of HK for ~18 months when we had 2nd kid and COVID happened.

    Is there any chance my wife and 1st kid will receive PR?

    if I understand correctly, I will be able to apply PR for 2nd kid only after she lived 7 years. Please confirm.

    any suggestion, what should I write in application form to make my case stronger.

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    If 2nd Kid is born in Hong Kong, s/he can be PR once one of parent is PR.

    About 18 months gap, I think you need a solid cover letter explaining situation around covid. I think putting points like unavailability of means to return due to covid regulation and how you have put efforts to make HK your perm residence (to be mentioned in ROP 146) should help.

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    Apply for wife and first kid now, second kid cannot apply until they have lived in HK for 7 years. This was exactly my situation when I applied a while ago. I actually first moved to HK with one kid and wife pregnant with second, so then when applying for PR 7 years later, 3 of us were fine, but the second kid was only 6.5 years old, immigration rejected that application and told us to apply again separately for second kid in 6 months time.

    For the 18 month thing, just fill out the application form truthfully and dont make a big fuss over the absence. There is a section on the form asking if you have been outside HK for more than 6 months at any time in the last 7 years. Tick YES and write an explanation. It doesn't have to be too much detail, there is only enough space on the form for one or two sentences.

    Just apply, its free. If they get it then great, if not then no big problem, as long as you have PR then they can just keep getting dependent visas. So really not much to lose.

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    Thanks. 2nd kid is not born in HK. so looks like need to wait for 7 continuous year completion.

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    There is no harm in trying. I was lucky against all predictions after having been away for over a year during SARS.

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