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dual citizen US/Canada moving from PRC to HK

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    Question dual citizen US/Canada moving from PRC to HK

    hello everyone, first off I'd like to say thanks for creating such a great community that shares such wonderful insights.

    I'm a US/Canada dual citizen living in Mainland China. Previously I lived in the US, so my China visa was in my US passport, and I've entered China with US and always had residence permits in my US passport. I have applied for a job and I'm curious if I'll be able to switch to using my Canadian passport when I move to Hong Kong.

    I've read other posts on this forum that state that the area between PRC and HK is a place where a person could change which of their two passports they were using. If I were to take the high speed rail, for example, I was hoping that after exiting Mainland China, when going to immigration in Hong Kong, I could present my Canadian passport. They will perhaps expect a stamp from exiting PRC when doing so, however, so it could be an issue, right?

    thank you very much!

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    You are overthinking things mate. Once you left China you left China. Of course use your US passport that you entered China with.

    What passport you then enter Hong Kong with is your choice.

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    npbody will ask you anything. you can use any passport you want

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    Thanks for the responses everyone, it's greatly appreciated.

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