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    Quote Originally Posted by MovingIn07:
    Probably. You might want to look at the rules for a HKID, I think it might be mandatory to get one quite quickly after getting a 1 yr work visa ... so "not having time" could get you into hot water if you are not careful!
    From the website...

    Every adult who enters and is permitted to stay in Hong Kong for more than 180 days must apply to register within 30 days of arrival.
    Meh...I thought it was optional...guess I'll be even more busy this holiday season

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    1) SCL = Suspected Casual Labour

    2) You wont be stamped once you have a work visa on your passport.. i exit/enter twice in HK after getting my VISA and before getting my HKID.. no stamps.. only scan the passport.. press ENTER on keyboard and done !

    3) it all depends on the officer sitting on the counter if he wants to pull you or not... and how you reply to his preliminary questions... and then if you get pulled in how you justify your long stay in Hong Kong...
    I personally stayed with only 14 days stamp for more then 3.5 years before getting my Work Visa.. but i was not working illegally, only business and i had employed locals...i carried all evidences with me.. although they never asked for those... i was pulled up 3 times in all that time.. iterviewed only once.. and rest of the 2 times just had to wait in the room.. and then let go...

    and i am from those highly scanned countries.. INDIA =)) just 14 days.. the least.. not like USA or Europe.. 90 days each time.. you guys are lucky !!

    never got any SCL .. guess i was lucky =))


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